Stuff We Feel Like We Should Say Up Front.


Your Participation Is Voluntary

At any time, you can ask that your business be removed from black dollar - it’s not mandatory that you stay included in this network. You don’t need a reason - simply click here and get started with the removal process. In regard to the launch of this site, we may have even included your business up here without your knowledge. For that, we apologize - we ran a few searches, had some of our favorite supporters of Black Businesses supply us with reputable names of Black Business owners they knew and your name came up, but we’ll get you removed immediately.


We Are Not “Deal-Makers”

black dollar will not represent you, nor do we represent the businesses included on this site. Don’t reference black dollar as a way to receive a discount (unless Business Owners have asked us to list specific discounts). black dollar will not be involved in your negotiations and dealings with other businesses or customers.


Do Smart Business

We have no way of knowing the outcome of doing business with someone listed in black dollar. Our hope is that all experiences are positive, however we understand and accept that some users of black dollar may experience strife with other businesses. Try to alleviate some pain by following some best practices before doing business with someone - watch for the signs! And if you still get burned or have a bad experience, don’t worry - it’s not the end of the world! Stuff happens, brush it off and keep moving towards your goals - just make sure you leave a comment on the business’s black dollar page (first, read “Watch Your Mouth” below).

All We Do Is Load Data

We have a very simple vetting process - one that may not capture all of the details you may need to make an informed decision about who to do business with. black dollar will simply provide key contact information on available Black-owned businesses in the area - black dollar does not provide information like customer reviews or other significant performance data. Even if we did review previous customer reviews on a business - and we found a negative review - we’d probably still list that business in black dollar, simply because “negative reviews” can and will happen in business, and everyone deserves a second-chance to come back from a bad experience. So, again - allow black dollar to lead you to a business, but be smart about your dealings and still conduct your own research.

Watch Your Mouth

There is a Comments section available on every business page listed in black dollar. These comments will be used and referenced by others reviewing / searching for businesses on black dollar. Our only real policy: Do not - under any circumstances - as a result of a bad experience, attempt to publicly humiliate or embarrass another Black-owned business through our Comments section.

If you have a bad experience with a business listed in black dollar, it is your right to leave a review and feedback - we want it. We can’t tell you exactly what to say - we just strongly urge that you lead with respect… Provide your feedback in a way that does paint an accurate picture of your bad experience (Business Owners can’t be mad, it’s the truth), but also try to uplift them by offering ways in which they can improve, things they could have done differently during your experience, or even how you believe your situation can be rectified. As far as negative reviews go, we don’t want them to be seen as “Don’t Do Business With Them” statements - instead, we want negative reviews to turn into opportunities for these businesses to resolve situations, to show the public that they truly care about their customer’s feedback. If you’re a business listed in black dollar and you receive a negative review, you should address it - detailing your own feedback and steps for resolution. As a business listed in black dollar, you are under these same rules - so you have to “Watch Your Mouth” too.

Our hope is that our only real policy creates a positive environment where feedback is welcomed and accepted from all sides, and businesses can display their engagement with customers in resolving issues.

So, no public “shaming” allowed.

Positive vibes only.

If You Need To Talk

Comment blocks and form submissions just won’t cut it sometimes. If you find yourself in that situation, for whatever reason, you can reach us here - feel free to give us a call.

Enjoy black dollar

That’s what it’s here for - to support, uplift, provide access to information, drive customer traffic & revenue for others, and to be enjoyed by all.

This is all we could think of at the moment…