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black dollar is simply the tangible idea on which support can be provided to Black-Owned Businesses - where they can flourish, and consumers of any kind can find and connect with B.o.B.’s across the state of North Carolina.



What Is black dollar?

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Business Directory

black dollar is a Black-Owned Business Directory that lists companies only in the state of North Carolina; there are no tiered plans - full inclusion on black dollar is 100% Free for businesses, and is Free for all consumers looking to do business with and support North Carolina Black-Owned Businesses.

Industry Network

black dollar is looking to work with other Black-Owned Business Directories to expand and grow the complete network of Black-Owned Businesses across the United States. The work that we are doing with black dollar in North Carolina means nothing if we don’t collaborate with others in this same industry.

Discount Program

black dollar launched with a small discount program available for users of the directory (Vouchers), and has since begun expanding that program to implement a more-robust discount system across the state of North Carolina. At zero cost, Black-Owned Businesses in the state of North Carolina can include their company in this program to gain and reward new consumers.

If you are a business owner and would like more information about participating in black dollar’s discount program, enter email and business below.

Video Journalism

black dollar believes in the importance of sharing the individual stories of Black-Owned Businesses, and has often taken a DIY approach to capturing media and interviews of various businesses in North Carolina. black dollar now has help - having partnered with local media companies in North Carolina to help tell the stories of many successful Black Business Owners.

Social Platform

The goal for black dollar is to become an inter-connected online community for Black-Owned Business owners and consumers of all kind - being able to find, communicate, and share Black-Owned Businesses while also interacting with other consumers. There’s a longgg way to go to get there…but we’re in it to win it!


How Do You Benefit?


Once Again, It's Free!

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Having your business on black dollar is 100% Free and will always only cost you your time (in completing the initial sign-up or reviewing your page).

Increased Consumer Traffic!

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A business on black dollar will benefit from the extra exposure and Search Engine Optimization from being listed on the platform. It’s simple math - with a bigger audience comes more opportunities for a business to gain consumers.

Business Partnerships!


Both minority-owned and non-minority-owned businesses need help and often look to collaborate with others to carry out their business objectives. Being listed on black dollar can also lead you to partnerships with other businesses - for business!


During & After Registration


  • Have the business information handy! Having the description, social links, and contact info will make the process faster.

  • Don’t overdue the description, but do better than just a 5-word sentence. People want to quickly understand key services and the overall offerings. Use key words that are likely to be used by your consumers during searching.

  • You’ll need three (3) images to complete your black dollar page - a logo or “main” image, and then two (2) supporting images of your preference.

  • After you complete the registration, you’ll receive an email with all of the details you entered.

  • Once your information is reviewed for completeness, you’ll get another email from confirming your page, including your Business Page URL.

  • New Businesses that are added to black dollar will show up in “Recently Added” sections throughout the website for their first forty-five (45) days.






We Thank & Appreciate You for your consideration in signing your business up on black dollar - and we wish you nothing but continued growth and success going forward!