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Our Strategy

There are some other good Black Business databases out there - definitely check them out!

black dollar differs by having a targeted focus on one state. There are sooo many Black Businesses, and they span across the globe - for that reason, black dollar believes it is best to start this exercise at the State level.

By focusing on North Carolina, we eliminate the extra resources needed to market, reach out to, or spend time in other states. We are then able to focus solely on specific cities within the state, which allows us to hit some targets in regard to the number of businesses listed.

The isolated focus on North Carolina also provides another potential benefit we hope to see, which is the “owning” of black dollar by North Carolinians. This site - at this stage - is for North Carolina. We all have to feel some type of personal connection to anything we decide to support. Our hope is that the people of North Carolina will recognize and accept black dollar as their own - use it, push it, help it grow. If North Carolina does that, then that chart above is going to look very different each time it’s published…

…but we have to do our part to make that happen. We must continue to research, monitor and get into our cities of influence within North Carolina; we must hit our goals there. We must give people reasons to utilize black dollar. And we also must continue to improve it - we just launched, but we already have a list of 8 core items we’ve gotta make improvements to with black dollar…and we will - do all of those things.


Let It Spread!

We hope.


black dollar nc growth - hopefully.gif

green: February 1, 2019

orange: The Rest of 2019 Into Mid-2020

blue: Hopefully, by #BlackFuturesMonth 2022