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“Be Squared.”



The Business Block is a monthly speaking platform aimed at spotlighting Minority-owned businesses and the eccentric people who run them.



Meet + Greet.

“Be Squared.” is as a Free monthly event (2nd Thursday each month) inviting business owners, leaders, team members, community members, come engage with each other in business and tangible ways. Don’t just exchange numbers - you’ll grab a shape and let that spark meaningful conversation with others about how to improve our business community in North Carolina (more about that “shape” later).



When we say “Cheers”, that’s just because the word flowed well...we really mean “Beers”! The Business Block will compliment all guests with the Free beverage of their choice, including beer from one of our local sponsors (limit two - drink responsibly). So, we’ll provide the drinks, you just grab your food - we’ll have food options provided by a few of our local small business, so show your support to them by grabbing a bite to eat, too!


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After the social networking portion draws to a close, the speaker segments / program will begin. Seats will be taken and the Host will control the rest. We’ll then hear from some great business owners about their initiatives, while also sharing positive dialogue about the gaps that exist for Minority business owners, and how best to close those gaps.

For more information, download a copy of the prep material for guest speakers - definitely worth checking out if you are ever interested in being a speaker on Business Block! Contact us at for speaking opportunities.


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“…there are other programs already aimed at this objective, but it will take more. Through positive discussion and dialogue, Business Block will hopefully serve as yet another platform where barriers can be broken, connections can be made, and solutions can be identified that will create the real business inclusive environments we all seek to be a part of.”




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*The term Square traditionally defined or characterized “someone who is honest and fair”. So, when we say “Be Squared.” in relation to this program and Minority Business Owners, that’s what we mean…