black dollar is a small, online rolodex of Black-Owned or operated businesses - with a focus on those located in the state of North Carolina.


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Raleigh is our home. One of the top cities out there, ready for something like black dollar

It’s only right we start black dollar right here - at home.


The Goal.


We actually have 2:

  1. Establish (for North Carolina, first) a consistent, cool database (cool is important) where folks can shop, do business, and get services from Black-owned businesses.

  2. Help uplift Black-owned Businesses by providing an additional source of marketing and search engine success - ultimately to help promote and drive revenue for these businesses.

the goal.jpg

The Plan.


Outward growth is the concept.

Again, we’re starting with Raleigh - and other Great cities that surround The City of Oaks - such as Durham, Cary, Garner, Rocky Mount, Apex, Knightdale. We’ve got a few out as far as Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Charlotte, but major work is still needed.

Through submissions and our own continuous research & data entry, we’ll continue to add businesses and expand to better cover the entire state of North Carolina - the summer of 2020 will be our checkpoint.


The Hope.


Our hope is that black dollar is utilized…

If our communities utilize black dollar - both from a registration & searching standpoint - we can help others in the I.T. industry establish a viable Black Business database, while other Black Business Owners can experience success through benefiting from high-visitor traffic, gaining new clientele and business opportunities.

We gotta use it though…



The Table.

There’s always a seat - and we need you.

black dollar meets regularly through a Committee to continuously comes up with new ideas, checks progress, and discuss improvements. This committee meets monthly and is open to anyone who wants to attend - kinda like Raleigh’s City Council Meetings (but not as great as theirs).

black dollar also needs the support from I.T. professionals who have established other Black Business Databases. A main component of our strategy is Collaboration - we are open to sharing company profile data, strategy and ideas with any professionals looking to connect and expand their own databases.

And, yes - we need financial support. If you are an Investor, black dollar welcomes you to receive the complete Investor Package (updated Quarterly) - outlining the complete strategy, vision, current partners, and the current progress on new developments. Our presentation will have all the info you need to make an informed decision about your dollars.